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10 Awestruck Weight Loss Ways With Orange Peel

how orange help can help lose weight

Oranges are one of the common fruits available all over the world. Yet, other than the orange zest, generally, we throw away the orange peels before we eat the fruit. Don’t you believe us? Let us ask a question. How will you react if we say that orange peels are great for losing weight?

Yes, you read it right. Some argue that orange peels consist of essential nutrients and must be eaten instead of throwing away. If you are someone who keeps on searching for new ways to lose weight, easy weight loss tips, then this is one of the simplest and easily available ingredients for weight loss.

The usefulness of oranges is evident from the fact that you can eat them in different ways, from eating them raw or making juice out of them, to use them in cupcakes, cakes, mousses, pastries, salads, etc. Whether you prefer to toss them along with some green vegetables or drink a glass of fresh orange juice for breakfast, oranges are just tasty. But these are not the only reasons why oranges are one of the most preferred fruits in the world.

Oranges are filled with essential nutrients, especially Vitamin C, which is good for the skin. They are great for our immune system, keeps blood pressure and blood sugar level in control, and are best for controlling cholesterol. While most of us know the health benefits of oranges, not many know that the peel of this fruit is also beneficial for health. How many of you know that orange peel can help you to reduce weight?

Beneficial Nutrients & Plant Compounds for Weight Loss

Oranges are sweet and juicy citrus fruits high in Vitamin C. Perhaps, it is well known that orange peels are rich in various essential nutrients, including vitamin C, fiber, and plant compounds. 1 tablespoon of orange peel gives 14% of the Daily Value of Vitamin C- which is about 3 times more compared to the inner fruit.

The same quantity also contains 4 times more fiber. Studies have shown that diets high in fiber and Vitamin C are good for the heart and digestive system. They protect against cancer too. Orange peels are also a good source of folate, provitamin A, thiamine, calcium, vitamin B6, and riboflavin.

best way to lose weight with orange peel

Also, it is rich in plant compounds known as polyphenols, which may help avoid and handle several chronic conditions, like Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and obesity. A study proved that the total amount of polyphenol in the orange peels was much higher than in the real fruit. Orange peels are an excellent source of poly methoxy flavones and polyphenols hesperidin. Both these are being researched for their anti-cancer effects.

Moreover, about 90% of the essential oil present in orange peels comprises limonene, a naturally occurring chemical that has been researched for its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

Weight Loss Tips with Orange Peel

There is not one, but many reasons to not throw the orange peels, as they have too many health benefits. Orange peel powder is used in different beauty treatments and is the main ingredient used in face masks. Orange peels have certain traits, which make them perfect for weight loss. Here are some of the reasons why orange peel is great for those who are looking for weight loss tips.

ü  Filled with fiber- Fruit peels are a great source of fiber, which makes them a great supplement for those who are trying to lose weight. Fiber plays an important role in satiety and the digestive system.

ü  Promotes fat burn- Just like the pulps, orange peels are rich in Vitamin C, which may help burn fat. Studies have found that orange peel extracts contain anti-obesity properties.

ü  Fights against allergies and inflammation- Orange peels may hinder the release of histamine, which causes severe allergic reactions in our body. They have anti-inflammatory action, due to the flavonoid compounds.  

ü  Good for constipation- Orange peels consist of non-soluble polysaccharides like pectin, which avoids constipation and boosts our digestive system. They are known for fighting against heartburn and acidity. A healthy digestive system has been associated with faster and effective weight loss.

ü  Regulates blood sugar level- Orange peels may help avoid sudden spikes and drop in the level of blood sugar, which is attributed to the existence of pectin.

How to Use Orange Peels for Weight Loss?

There are different ways in which you can consume orange peels. One of the best ways to help weight loss by using orange peel is by drinking an herbal tea made of orange peel. All you need to make this herbal tea is water and orange peels. You can either use peels of fresh oranges or also use dried orange peels to make this tea. Chop the peels or you can even grind them and make a fine powder. Add a teaspoon of ground or chopped orange peels to water over the flam and keep brewing it for some time.

Once the water starts boiling, turn off the flame, keep the utensil covered for some time so that the peels steep for nearly 10 minutes. Strain or filter the water into a cup and you are good to go! If you do not like the bitter taste of the orange peel, you can add sweeteners like honey or spice like cinnamon to improve the taste. However, before preparing the juice, make sure you wash the oranges thoroughly.

reducing weight with orange peel

You can even prepare this juice in bulk and keep it in the refrigerator for a few days. You can even add orange zest in yogurt for adding extra flavor and nutrition or you can even sprinkle the powdered orange zest on salads. You can even add orange peel powder to your milkshakes and smoothies. Likewise, you can mix orange peel powder along with powdered sugar and sprinkle it on biscuits, tarts, and home-baked cookies.

Few drawbacks

Apart from the nutritional benefits, eating orange zest has a few drawbacks too.

A)      Pesticide residue- Pesticides are used on citrus fruits like oranges to keep away insects and mold. Though researchers have found that the inner part of this fruit has undetectable or low pesticide levels, but the peels contain higher amounts.

Studies associate intake of chronic pesticides to negative health issues, including increased risk of cancer and hormone dysfunction. These effects are mainly associated with a high level of exposure rather than the small amounts found in the skins and peels of fruits. So, it is recommended to wash the oranges using hot water to wash away the pesticides.

B)      Difficult to digest- Because of high fiber content and tough texture, orange zests are hard to digest. Consuming them, mainly large pieces at a time, could cause discomfort in the stomach, like bloating and cramps.

C)      Unpleasant texture and taste- Unlike the inner part of an orange, the peel has a dry and tough texture which is not easy to chew. It also tastes bitter, which many will not like. Despite its nutritional benefits, the mix of a bitter taste and hard texture may make the fruit appealing.


Although usually discarded, orange zests are rich in many nutrients like vitamin c, polyphenols, and fiber. Still, they taste bitter, are difficult to digest, and may contain pesticides. You can counteract most of the drawbacks by washing them under hot water and adding small pieces to salads or smoothies.

Try these weight loss tips and let us know how was your result, where you satisfied in the comments section below.

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