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Say No to Dieting: Lose Weight Naturally

reduce weight by dieting

How would you react if we say that now you can eat whatever you want, and your weight will remain the same? We know, it is your dream just like many. Unfortunately, most of us follow a strict diet that probably does not allow us to eat our favorite food. Fortunately, not anymore. We are discussing some simple natural weight loss tips that will help you to reduce your weight without dieting. Yes, you read it right, “without dieting”. So, do not just read this post, implement these natural weight loss tips to get the best results.

Why Do People Follow a Diet?

All of us are on a diet, no matter healthy or not. The word, “diet” has been misinterpreted for years. You must first understand why you need to reduce weight and whether you want to do so.  If your answer is yes, consider the natural weight loss diet as a positive change in your regular diet, involving just a few little changes.

Do not judge if somebody wants to reduce weight or not. Weight reduction is not about any kind of restriction- it is all about changing the way how you eat, live, and treat your mind and body.

Top 13 Natural Weight Loss Tips

Find out what works for you

So, some specific diets worked for your colleague, and now, you too want to start your natural weight loss journey. Excellent! But what is the guarantee that the diet plan which worked for your friend will work for you too?

Yes, you may lose your water weight, but the effect of fast natural weight loss is not equal to the positive results of gradual weight loss. You might not see quick results, but that is because it takes some time for the habits to develop. Strive to lead a better lifestyle and you will never need any diet to shed your extra weight.

Eat right.

Starving yourself to reduce weight? Well, in that case, you might lose your initial water weight but soon it will come back again. One of the most important natural weight loss tips is to eat healthy food.

Apart from eating whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meat, you must have around 5 to 6 meals a day, served on small plates.

beat natural weight loss tips

Drink This Health Drink in The Morning

No no, we are not talking about the warm water with lime juice and honey. To make this drink, soak two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight.

The next morning, strain these seeds and drink this water after you wake up. Fenugreek seeds improve metabolism and keep you active throughout the day. This health drink also helps to flush the toxins out of our bodies.

Never skip your breakfast

Many people believe that skipping breakfast is one of the best ways to reduce calories and lose weight. But this is a myth. Breakfast is the most significant meal of the day and should not be avoided at any cost. Refueling your body a few times a day is significant.

If you skip your breakfast, you will start feeling hungry by lunch and the result will be overeating. Skipping breakfast also reduces the metabolism rate. Thus, it is suggested that one should have breakfast within one hour of waking up. A bowl of whole-grain cereal with milk can be the best option to start your day.

Have a balanced meal.

Make sure every meal you eat contains proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. The technique is to maintain a proper balance between the food groups so that your body can process it, provide you energy, flush out the toxins from the body, enhance immunity, and boost overall health conditions.

Chew your food slowly.

Several studies have proved that if you chew your food, you are prone to consume fewer calories. Chewing slowly avoids overeating as it gives your brain some extra time to receive signals from the stomach that it is packed.

This also enables appropriate digestion and restricts your portion volume. Thus, doctors suggest that one should chew the food nearly 30 to 50 times before swallowing.

Drink Green Tea

Any natural weight loss tips are incomplete without mentioning green tea. Green tea is known to be one of the best metabolism boosters. It consists of EGCG, an essential antioxidant that helps to flush out toxins and enhances overall health. Drinking green tea can burn around 400 calories in a week.

Enjoy a cheat day occasionally

If you are successful in following an improved lifestyle, that means you can follow a cheat day. On this day, you can consume an additional 500 calories and have all your favorite foods. But make sure you do not exceed the 500 calories limit.

Cheat days help reduce weight as it prevents your metabolic rate from plateauing. By following a cheat day, you will keep the body guessing, which in turn will keep the metabolism rate and cells active.

follow these significant natural weight loss tips

Say No to Packaged Drinks

If you are looking for natural weight loss tips, then you must say no to packaged drinks. Drinking packaged vegetable and fruit juices, soda, and energy drinks not only avoids you from reducing weight but also causes health hazards. Though labeled as a zero-calorie drink, these drinks have many other additives and tastemakers that make them unhealthy.

However, the amount of sugar in regular soda is too much, and drinking too much soda can cause diabetes. Instead of packaged juices, you must eat freshly pressed or cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices. Also, if you are making juice using a blender, make sure you drink it immediately.

Finish your dinner before 7:30 PM

Late-night eating must be avoided as you are likely to pile on additional pounds. Try to have your last meal at least before 7:30 to avoid binging on snacks before dinner. Herbal tea is a great option to control your hunger pangs after dinner. To divert your mind from eating, brush your teeth.

Do not overcook food

It is another important one among the numerous natural weight loss tips. Overcooking food results in a substantial reduction of essential nutrients. If your body does not get nutrients, you will feel tired and crave junk food. To avoid this, you must either consume lots of salads or stop overcooking.

Have beaked, steamed, grilled, or blanched vegetables, fish, and meat. Spice up your salad using low-calorie dressing. You can use your favorite ingredient for dressing the salad. Try to use colorful vegetables to make your food attractive.

Get enough sleep!

When it comes to natural weight loss tips, many people ignore the importance of sleep. This should be avoided. When you sleep, your body regulates your system and heal all the damages caused by wear and tear. Even the digestive system works hard to process the food, metabolize carbohydrates, and break down the fats.

Not getting enough sleeps results in hormonal changes, specifically insulin and cortisol. Cortisol regulates fat, sugar, mineral, protein, and water metabolism. Insulin is responsible for controlling blood sugar and fat storage.

Sleep scarcity triggers the production of cortisol which in turn leads to the increased level of insulin, which makes the natural weight loss journey challenging. Therefore, having at least 8 hours of sleep is necessary to reduce weight.


This is one of the significant natural weight loss tips that must not be avoided. Stress is one of the major contributors to fat in our body. Depression, stress, and various other negative emotions cause a rise in cortisol. This causes inflammation and slows down body functioning.

So, it is better to practice meditation for at least 10 minutes a day. It may be difficult initially, but practicing will help you gain positive vibes.

Do you know any other natural weight loss tips that guarantee positive results within a short period and which are easy to follow? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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