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Is losing weight your next goal? If yes, you might be ready to start an exercise and diet program for reducing weight. After all, that is what weight-loss experts suggest, right? Even if you manage to attain this feat once, you must keep exercising and eating right constantly to maintain that weight. While the weight loss journey may not be easy, wrong information on ways to shed extra kilos add to the problem. To help you, we have come up with some unique weight loss tips that include everything from the right nutrition to different workouts to help you reduce your weight the right way. So, let us get started.

Try These Unique Weight Loss Tips

Cardio Exercises for weight loss

One of the important unique weight loss tips you must keep in mind is cardiovascular exercises not only helps in losing weight but are good for keeping your heart healthy. Doing cardio exercises daily can help you shed extra kilos by burning the consumed calories. How many calories you burn depends on the metabolism of your body, which tends to drop as you age. 30 minutes of cardio exercise every day is enough to get in good shape. However, if your objective is to follow unique weight loss tips, you can do a mix of weight and cardio training. Here are a few exercises you can select from:

Brisk walking- This is a doctor-recommended exercise. Going for brisk walks every morning is a tried and tested method to keep oneself fit. With time, you will also notice weight loss results thanks to the extra calories burnt during this activity. While going for brisk walking, make sure you wear proper footwear while walking. One of the important fitness tips that must be kept in mind is to have a gap of 30 minutes between your meals and your walk. Avoid walking on a full stomach. 

Swimming– If you love water, then this is the right workout for you. Swimming helps to tone your entire body, which means you will lose your overall weight, and not just from a certain body part. However, only swimming will not help you to reach your goal so keep reading our blog to know about other fitness tips that will help you lose weight effectively.

Running– Increase your heart rate and move the scales on the weighing scale by running. Sprinting or marathons are perfect examples of a good cardio workout. However, ensure you have approval from the doctor before you start running. Once you start running, slowly you will start building more stamina and see improved results. 

Cycling– This is an eco-friendly way to burn extra calories. The best part of cycling is this cardio exercise will not only help you shed extra kilos but also give you toned legs. If you do not have space or time to go out for cycling, go for indoor cycling, which is common in most gyms nowadays. Slowly, you can increase your pace and distance to enjoy faster weight loss results. 

Weight Training Exercises for Losing Weight

While cardio is important, many of us ignore the significance of weight training when it comes to weight loss. Weight training is best for building muscles and you continue to burn your calories even after several hours after the workout. Adding muscle mass to your body makes you strong, lean, and fit. Many females believe that doing weights will give them a bulky look, but this is a misconception as females cannot look muscular as men because of their hormones. So, never ignore these unique weight loss tips while trying to lose weight. Here are a few workouts you can try. 

Bodyweight exercises– Any list of unique weight loss tips is incomplete without mentioning bodyweight workouts. If you do not prefer picking up dumbbells, you can use your body to help you build muscles. Workouts like crunches, planks, pull-ups, push-ups, burpees, lunges, squats, etc., are few bodyweight exercises that you can do at your home. The number of sets and reps you do will decide the results. Make sure you start slowly with a set of two with ten reps each and increase slowly. While doing exercise, make sure your posture is correct as a wrong posture can be harmful to your body. 

Leg press– Any discussion on unique weight loss tips is incomplete without mentioning this exercise. Toning your legs, mainly thighs is generally a concern for ladies. Doing leg press will help you to achieve this goal. For performing this exercise, you need the leg press machine in your gym. To start, sit on the machine and adjust the weight. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart by bending your knees. Now, keep on pushing the machine until your legs become straight. You can decrease or increase the weight as per your capability. This will work best for your quadriceps and in turn, will tone your glutes and thighs. 

Other Workouts for weight loss

If you do not want to follow the traditional way to weight loss, you can always look at new and fun choices that promise the best results. Here are a few of them. 

Yoga– Whenever you read about unique weight loss tips or workouts that will help you reduce weight, you must have come across the term, “yoga.” Though this ancient fitness regime has been around for centuries, different forms of yoga have emerged over the years that promise faster results. Power yoga, which is a great mix of bodyweight and cardio exercises is one such exercise. Other types like Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Yogalates, and hot yoga are great for toning and weight loss. 

CrossFit– It is one of the most unique weight loss tips that everyone should follow to reduce weight. This is an intense workout that is a rage internationally. If you want to transform your body completely, then this is the right workout for you. CrossFit workout includes different tasks regularly, and the idea is to mix weight and functional training. So, starting with flipping tires to doing pull-ups, you will do a lot of exciting activities in a CrossFit exercise class to reduce weight

follow these unique weight loss tips

Pilates– Pilates is quite common these days as most of the Bollywood actors perform this to stay fit. It is a total body workout that not only helps in losing weight but also gives you flat abs and a strong core. Pilates need special equipment which makes it difficult to practice at home. There are, however, certain Pilates exercises that do not need any kind of equipment, but if you want to reduce weight using this method, it is always better to join a Pilates class. 

Muscles Boost Metabolism– Most weight loss experts will teach you how to burn calories using cardiovascular exercises or aerobics. According to them, it is one of the unique weight loss tips. Spinning, stair climbing, and walking are some of the best aerobic workouts. But muscles are also important. So, you should lift weights at least 2 to 3 times a week. 

So, what is great about muscles? It weighs more but burns extra calories the whole day. So, you start boosting your metabolism when you build your muscle. Lean muscles help in shaping a tight body. If you want to look awesome in your favorite clothes, then you will reach your goal faster if you focus on muscle building. 

Alter workouts for best results– This is one of the unique weight loss tips that many of us are not aware of. You must have heard, “Variety is the spice of life”, so is in the gym. When you start feeling that your body is falling into a groove and you are not getting the desired weight loss result, then it is time to mix things and try a new workout. 

Smart people do not do the same exercise every day. They complete workouts that use various body parts on different days. These exercises include strength training, aerobic exercise, flexibility training workouts in their schedule to keep the body active. They also try various workout styles to keep the muscles moving. 

To attain maximum benefits from your workout program, try different kinds of exercise often. If you prefer running, try spinning for a few days. Usually, if you walk or lift weights, try to do a circuit workout. You will find that when you try new workouts, your body too will change and get accustomed to the new workouts. 

 This was all about fitness tips, but as many of you might know that just a workout will not help you shed extra weight. You need to follow a strict diet too to maintain weight loss. So, here we bring to you some important nutrition tips for weight loss. 

Diet Tips for Losing Weight

You are regularly going to the gym, but you are not getting the desired result. It could be probably because you are not eating right. While exercise helps in burning extra calories, the rest depends on your food intake. Without following the right diet, you cannot healthily lose weight. Here are some nutrition tips to keep in mind. 

Eat small portion sizes– Portion control can help you reduce weight as it means you are consuming few calories. The technique is to eat right so that the energy from the food is used by your body and does not get stored in the form of fat. One of the best ways to achieve this is by eating on a small plate and taking just one serving of food.

Say no to processed foods– Packaged and processed foods that contain less nutrition, and more calories are harmful to the body. Avoid biscuits, sodas, and chips. Instead, have fresh fruits, vegetables, and home-cooked food.

Reduce the intake of simple carbohydrates- Yes, our body needs carbohydrates, but too much of it can be harmful. Bread, refined flours, sugar, pasta, and rice are high in carbs and calories. Reduce the portion size of carbohydrates and add protein-rich food items to your plate. You can replace your wheat chapatis with bajra, ragi, and jowar rotis, and white rice with quinoa and brown rice.

Have a healthy snack- Most of us pay attention to our main meals but eat anything when it comes to snacks. Those can be the reasons behind weight gain. Snacking between meals is not bad if you are eating something healthy. Have dried fruits, nuts, or your favorite fruit between your meals. Yogurt-based dips spread on a slice of whole wheat bread and peanut butter are healthier compared to burgers overloaded with mayonnaise.

Any idea which foods to eat and which ones to avoid for weight loss? Here is the list.

Weight Loss Foods

One of the unique weight loss tips is to eat right. Selecting the right food can help you create a diet plan that is healthy and takes you closer to your weight-loss mission. Here are some weight loss foods that are low in calories, but nutritious. 

Green tea– Among the various unique weight loss tips, choosing the right food also matters a lot. This beverage has several health benefits. A cup of green tea hardly has two to three calories. It also helps in digestion and calms the nerves. So, if you are a fan of coffee or tea, it is high time to switch to green tea.

Cucumber– Cucumber is another item that is low in calories, yet healthy. 100 grams of cucumber has just 16 calories as much of it is water content. So, before you have your meals, do not forget to eat a bowl of cucumber. This will fill your stomach and in turn, you will eat less. 

Bell peppers– If you want to boost your metabolism to burn extra calories by following some unique weight loss tips, then include bell peppers in your diet. It has a compound known as capsaicin. It helps in burning more calories because of its spicy flavor. This compound is present in chilies also so you can include chilies too in your diet. 

Green leafy vegetables– Though we know the nutrition facts of green leafy vegetables, we do not prefer adding those to our diet. Green leafy vegetables are not only low in calories, but they are filled with essential nutrients like magnesium, iron, and vitamins like B, A, K, etc. Make sure you eat fenugreek, lettuce, spinach, and kale daily. 

Other Unique Weight Loss Tips to Keep in Mind

Reduce the intake of sugar– If you want to follow unique weight loss tips, then stopping the intake of sugar is important. Added sugar is one of the worst ingredients in your diet. Most people consume too much sugar. Several studies show that consumption of sugar is associated with an increased risk of weight gain, and conditions including heart disease, Type 2 diabetes. If you want to lose weight, stop eating sugar. Make sure you read labels, as so-called health foods can also contain sugar.

Try Intermittent Fasting– Intermittent fasting is a famous eating pattern in which people follow a cycle of eating and fasting. Studies have proved that intermittent fasting is an effective method for weight loss as it restricts calorie intake. Also, it may lessen the loss of muscle mass usually associated with low-calorie diets. However, high-quality studies are required before any type of strong claims are made. 

Drink black coffee– This is one of the easiest and most unique weight loss tips to follow. Coffee has been wrongly demonized. Quality coffee is loaded with essential antioxidants and can have several health benefits. Research has shown that caffeine in coffee can improve metabolism by nearly 3 to 11% and raise fat-burning by about 10 to 29%. Drinking black coffee is preferred, but make sure you do not add sugar or any kind of high-calorie ingredients to it. This will reverse the positive effects. 

Follow a low-carb diet– If you want to attain all the benefits of carb restriction, then consider going all the way and committing to a low-carb diet, and following unique weight loss tips. Several studies show that such a weight loss regimen can help you to lose 2 to 3 times as much weight as a basic low-fat diet while also enhancing your health. 

Use small plates to eat– It may sound funny, but yes, it is one of the unique weight loss tips that will help you lose weight fast. Using small plates to eat helps in cutting calories. However, the size of the plate does not affect everybody. Those who have a lot of weight are more affected.

Keep healthy food around you– Keeping healthy snacks around you can avoid unhealthy munching. Snacks that are easy to store and simple to make include dry fruits, whole fruits, yogurt, nuts, hard-boiled eggs, and carrots.

Consume more fiber– Most health experts suggest consuming more fiber in your weight loss journey. Though the results are mixed, some studies show that fiber can increase satiety and helps you to control your weight for a long time.

best unique weight loss tips

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables- Fruits and vegetables have various properties that make them great for weight loss. They include few calories but a lot of fiber. The water content in the fruits makes them fill the stomach fast. Studies have proved that people who eat fruits and vegetables tend to lose weight faster. These foods are nutritious, so eating them plays an important role in your health. 

Get enough sleep– Sleep plays an important role in weight loss. It is as important as exercising and eating right. Studies have shown that poor sleep is one of the major factors causing obesity, as it is linked to an 89% increased risk of obesity in kids and 55% in grown-ups. 

Consume lots of protein– Protein is the only important nutrient that helps in reducing weight. Eating a high-protein diet boosts metabolism by around 80 to 100 calories per day while cutting 441 calories per day from your diet. A study also showed that consuming 25% of your regular calories as protein lessened obsessive thoughts about food by 60% while reducing the urge for late-night snacking. Just adding protein to your diet is one of the simplest and effective ways to reduce weight. 

Supplement with whey protein– If your body is not getting sufficient protein from the food you eat, then taking a supplement- like a protein powder can be helpful. It is one of the unique weight loss tips that especially bodybuilders follow. A study showed that replacing some of your calories with whey protein can result in a weight loss of nearly 8 pounds over time while increasing muscle mass. Whey protein is available at most of the health stores and online too. 

Be careful about weight loss supplements and pills– When you start your weight loss journey, you will come across many quick ways to reduce weight. Many slimming pills guarantee weight loss and then some belts help you to get rid of belly fat. While you may think they are helpful and may work for a short time, the results are not long-lasting. Ultimately, you will end up gaining weight sooner than later. 

You should never starve– Many believe that starving is one of the best ways to lose weight, but it is unhealthy and can cause various health issues like nausea, acidity, dizziness, etc. Detox at least once a month can be healthy but starving or following a liquid diet for several days can be quite harmful to the body.

Chew slowly– Your brain may take some time to register that you had enough food. Studies show that chewing slowly can help you consume fewer calories and increase the creation of hormones associated with weight loss. Also, make it a point to chew food thoroughly. Studies have proved that increased chewing may lessen the intake of calories. These practices are a part of mindful eating, which helps you to slow down your intake of food and pay attention to every bite. 


Several techniques can help in achieving weight loss goals. Some of the above unique weight loss tips are solely dietary, which includes eating more protein or cutting sugar or preservatives. Others, like enhancing the quality of sleep and following a workout routine are lifestyle-based. For instance, chewing slowly is a step that you can follow to start mindful eating. 

If you follow these unique weight loss tips, you will achieve your weight loss goal and that too in a healthy manner. So, what are you weight for? Try these unique weight loss tips and let us know how the result was. Was your weight loss fast? Did you suffer from any side effects? Were you able to attain satisfactory results? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below regarding these unique weight loss tips. 

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