Travel Life Hacks That Will Make You A Great Traveler

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Exploring unknown places, whether internationally or domestically, is a pastime that hundreds of millions of people embark on every year. For families, travel is more precious as it lets parents expose their kids to something that could be of their standard. With all the advantages of travel come some stressors that can hinder the travel experience for just about anyone, but you do not have to let those affect your vacation. Today, we will look at travel life hacks that can make your vacation more productive, comfortable, and fun.

When you plan to travel, you must consider small tricks that could make your journey so much simpler and fun-filled. In this article, you will find out how to make your trip fun and stress-free. For instance, how to avoid carrying heavy luggage items and what should you do if you forget your skewers at home.

Traveling is all about “fun” till small difficulties like always taking the wrong turns or finding yourself wallet-less the next morning can devastate our trip in a second. To make you truly stress-free and help you to enjoy your vacation with utmost conviction, here is a list of useful life hacks that will help you to make your next trip easy.

Important Travel Life Hacks for an Enjoyable Trip

Turn on “Private Browsing” for cheap flights- This is one of the simple life hacks that can save you time while traveling. Most people have a fixed budget for their trips and all their decisions are ruled by that. Therefore, if you want to avail the best opportunities supported by some key hacks to reduce the burden on your wallet-here is one best way to do so.

Prices of flight keep changing frequently, and some travel sites can track what you are searching for online and will increase the prices accordingly. This means that if you visit the site more than once, you might get it at a high price. Turning on the “Private Browsing Mode” to look for cheap flights is your way out of this trial.

Instead of a hotel, try to reserve a home if traveling with a family or if you are alone, go for a single room. There are plenty of websites that can provide homes as well as private rooms from house owners who are giving them for rent, generally offering better accommodation compared to hotels.

Roll your clothes while packing. Instead of making a folded pile inside your suitcase, rolling lets you fit in more things. Plus, you can even roll your socks and underwear inside your clothes for maximum space-saving.

Scan your identification card, passport, and itinerary, and email them to yourself. This offers an additional copy of each during a theft or loss. If you have an iPhone, you can email the documents to yourself and save them onto iBooks. This offers me an offline record.

It is essential to remember to call your debit or credit card company before you leave to make sure that you have your card authorized for foreign destinations too. This avoids them from suspecting suspicious activity.

Mark your luggage as fragile. This is an important tip that everyone must follow to ensure that your baggage is handled rightly. Due to this, your luggage will be kept at the top, which will make it easier for you to get your bags.

Carry your water bottle. Based on the policies of the airline you are choosing; the amount of times water is provided may not be affordable for you. Carrying your water bottle will make sure that you can have water whenever you are thirsty.

Never undervalue the price of a fanny pack. Yes, they can be embarrassing and apparently out of the mid-to-late 1980s, but believe us- every time we travel, even domestically, it will ensure that your valuables are safe, and it accelerates security checks. 

Indulge in the Internet service if your flight is more than six-and-a-half hours long. You will thank us when you find that sparking conversation with your seat partner is difficult than pulling teeth. Also, you can complete work for the ultimate time before you hit your destination.

Make sure that you have a pen before leaving so that you complete any forms. Fill the forms when you get them and ensure that your family members have theirs filled as well. People will ask for your pen; flight attendants rarely have them.

Download Google Maps for using offline by typing in “Ok Map”- One of my favorite new travel hacks- this is such a big lifesaver! If you have enough space on your phone, you can easily download Google Maps to browse offline on mobile, even when you do not have an Internet connection. All you need to do is go on the map of that area which you want to save, then type “ok map” into the search and click “Download.”

Carry a pillowcase- If you want to save space, look for a case. Bring a pillowcase instead, so if you are in an emergency where you require a comfortable pillow, just put some clothes inside and travel with that. Likewise, you can even use the pillowcase to compress clothes like a puffy jacket to save a huge amount of space in your luggage.

Purchase a dummy wallet to confuse the pickpockets- One of the easiest travel life hacks is to always carry a dummy wallet. This is important for confusing the pickpockets. Nobody wants to wake up without a single penny in his or her pocket, that too in a foreign country. While the picture might sound entertaining and like a movie, the result can be unpleasant. While you might want to travel without any worries, pickpocketing can be a common scenario if you are having an unlucky day. To avoid such situations on your trip and to enjoy every moment without having to reach your pocket to ensure if the wallet is still there- always carry a dummy wallet with you. This will confuse the pickpockets too.

Avoid jet lag with few exercises- One of the simple life hacks while traveling, especially for those who face jet lag is to do some exercises. A jet lag leads to fatigue and insomnia which can spoil your entire vacation. To fight the aftereffects, try to do some exercises as it may help in alleviating the disruptions to an individual’s body clock. It is not mandatory to jump into a high-intensity workout. Light to moderate workouts like jogging, yoga, and light resistance band training seems to have similar effects.

By doing some physical activities, you can fight insomnia, fatigue, and various other jet lag symptoms. While exercise has a direct impact on your internal clock, it can increase the quality and length of your sleep during the adjustment time. By raising your heart rate and respiration through a workout, your body will respond in much a similar way: by peaking at times when it might or else be winding down. This can have a direct effect on how short or long your jet lag symptoms will last.

So, this was our list of travel life hacks that can make your trip hassle-free. Try to give a few of them a try and who knows, maybe you will come back with an interesting story to tell. If you know any other useful life hacks, please let us know.

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