Simple Kitchen Life Hacks to Make Life Easy

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Wise old ladies will tell you that the only way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but again any experienced man will also tell that the best way to impress a lady is to cook food for her. We all need some kitchen skills, from young students living alone to mothers and dads feeding their family members. If we believe scientists, our food choices are even associated with our characters. While some may be gifted naturally or have had the pleasure of growing up with some talented cooks who felt happy to feed them. Many shy away from the kitchen as they find cooking a complicated process and confusing. Luckily, tons of kitchen life hacks that can help anyone improve their cooking game and perhaps get a few people interested in improving their skills. Here are some of the useful life hacks that can benefit everyone, regardless of the skill level.

List of Kitchen Life Hacks

Store ice cream in a bag before you put it in the freezer- You must have noticed many times that whenever you take out ice cream from the freezer it is rock hard. It takes too much time to take out a small quantity of ice cream to eat. In this scenario, what you can do is to maintain the right consistency, put the ice cream container in a plastic Ziplock bag before storing it in the freezer.

Bake bacon in the oven- This is one of the easiest 5-minute life hacks that can make your life super simple. Have you ever wondered why the bacon you get in a restaurant is evenly cooked without any raw ends? Ever wondered why the middles of the bacon do not get crumbly or overcooked? The difference remains in the way of cooking. Whereas most of the home chefs fry up bacon fry bacon on the frying pan, most restaurant workers bake using an oven. Try it out at 400 to 420 degrees Fahrenheit and be happy!

Slice a lot of cherry tomatoes at once- Cherry tomatoes add a delicious punch of flavor and color to any dish- but slicing them in two halves is tricky if you need to do it at a time. But you don’t! Not with his handy little kitchen hack. Do you have two plastic lids of the same size? Good. Put a bunch of cherry tomatoes on any of the lids. Now, put the other lid on top to club them inside. Hold the lid down, take a knife, and cut through all of them in one stretch. Take off the lid, and all your cherry tomatoes will be sliced easily.

slicing tomatoes

Pancake patterning trick- Another one in the list of important kitchen life hacks is to make pancakes easily. Drizzling pancake batter into different patterns through an icing dispenser is not the only pancake hack in the kitchen. Another easy hack is using cookie cutters, the ones that we use to make sugar cookies during the holidays. Just place them on your frying pan, pour the batter inside the outlines, and watch the pancakes rise in different shapes. Of course, you can shape them like Christmas trees, gingerbread men, and snowmen, but believe us, they make the perfect holiday breakfast treat. And yes, you can do this with eggs too when you are cooking. Just pour the batter inside the cookie cutters and watch how they get the perfect shape.

Save your guacamole from turning brown- Guacamole is tasty, but it can be a tricky job to preserve. It goes brown and changes taste when exposed to oxygen. If you want to avoid this, you can put the remaining guacamole inside a container, and then add a thin layer of water at the top. The water acts as a protective layer and avoids the guacamole from reacting with the oxygen in the air. Pour the water out from the container when you are all set to eat it. The guacamole will stay tasty and green.

When we are at it, microwaving guacamole ruins it fast. Whenever you have leftover Mexican food, try, and then store the guacamole separately so that you will not have any of it heating up and getting damaged in the microwave. If it is already with the rest of your food, scoop as much as you require and heat your food, and then put the guacamole again on top of it after you have taken it out from the microwave. This will keep it delicious, fresh, and green.

Soften butter in a few minutes- One of the useful life hacks that will help you in every phase of life is how to soften butter in few minutes. Just imagine, you are getting ready for a dinner party and you are ultimately getting everything out on the table. You realize that you forgot to take the butter out from the fridge. You take it out, and obviously, it is rock hard. But what to do, dinner is in just two minutes! What to do? No one likes cold butter that is difficult to cut. There is a right solution that allows you to soften the butter without melting it and that too within a few minutes. This is a simple way to make your dinner guests satisfied and happy.

Just take a small glass and warm it, then put it on top of the butter. You can heat the glass by running warm water on it or by putting it in the microwave for some seconds. The butter under the glass will soften and will be of the consistency in which you can cut and spread easily.

Get those annoying eggshells out of the bowl- This is practically a daily experience for people who love cooking, mainly baking. You crack your eggs in a bowl and remain tenses because you know that they are not going to break evenly. A small piece of eggshell falls inside the bowl and gets mixed with the egg white. There is an easier incredibly simple way. All you must do is make your fingers wet and try again and again. You will be surprised to see how this works.  The small eggshell should adhere to your fingers and come out. While we are at it, do you hate when egg whites run down from the side of our bowl and drip all over your kitchen Keep the bowl at the edge of the counter and keep a trash can under it? Any whites that will leak down will go inside the trash bin and you do not have to clean it.

clean your jars

Nowadays, the idea of restricting food waste is trendy and useful. And products like potatoes need special care to keep them from sprouting. You can store them with an apple and make sure do not have onions nearby. It is better to keep them in a cool and dark place.

Sharpen your knife again, using a cup- Kitchen knives also need additional care and most often get dull. If you do not have a special sharpener, take a mug, and turn it in. Now, you can sharpen your knife on the edges of the mug at 45 degrees angle.

Use newspaper to get rid of bad smells in glass and plastic jars- When a jar starts smelling bad, even after you have washed it multiple times, now is the time to use a special, but useful trick. You will be surprised to know that newspapers can absorb bad smells. Take too many newspaper sheets and crumble them. Next, put them inside the plastic or glass container. Now, leave it like that for around one or two days.

Try these kitchen life hacks and let us know which one worked for you.

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